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What is it?

An online coaching service towards building strength, flexibility and learning new calisthenics skills. Your training will be designed to fit around your life and schedule. You tell me how many days a week you can train and how much time you have available for training. I will make sure to respect this. We can always adjust as needed throughout our time training together. Life changes, so we adjust.

Online Coaching includes personalised training program that is edited and adjusted as needed every 5 weeks. You have text access to me via WhatsApp for feedback, questions and guidance. This is where the coaching itself happens. I am also always happy to catch up over video call to go through some points more “in person”. This needs to be scheduled in advance and of course, it is complimentary for you.

Who is it for?

Trainees who have discipline and desire to get stronger, more flexible, unlock new skills and in general are ready to learn and commit to working towards their goals. Everything in Calisthenics and training takes time. If you are looking for quick solutions and easy way out, then likely this is not going to work for you. Consistency and repetition are the two things that bring success. That and trusting the program. Building the trust between trainee and coach is important. I need to get to know you and you need to do the same with me😊 Team work is important to me and communication between us is what makes this happen. You will find out quickly, I am not big on chasing and convincing my trainees they have to get job done. You are on this page, because you had a target and goal in mind- now It is time to get serious. I give you the tools you need, but the magic happens with consistent practise. I am apparently lovely but blunt- I can’t help it, it is the Estonian genes kicking in.

Be present, be focused. Calisthenics training requires paying attention to details and often doing the “boring stuff” first…and a lot. Strong base means more fun later

How do get started.

  1. Click "Apply for Coaching" below and Fill out the questionnaire

  2. I will contact you in person for any further questions and provide you with all details needed for your assessment.

  3. Movement assessment phase. I will assign you an assessment through the training app (Trainerize) which will also be the app for your further training with me. You need to record your exercises making sure that your movement is easy for me to see (nothing blocking the view, angles make sense etc). All videos need to be sent back to me via whatsapp.

  4. We confirm your starting date. It is always a Monday. Your assessment videos need to be sent back to me at least 5 days prior to your starting date to give me enough time getting all ready for you and ask any further questions, if needed.

  5. I will send you a payment link with invoice to be paid day before the plan goes live. Further payments are same day each month until you cancel. To cancel, please give me 1 week notice before your next phase. The minimum training term is 3 months. This is for a reason- nothing in training can be achieved within 5 weeks.

  6. You receive your first phase and can start the journey.

  7. Send questions and videos for me to review throughout the weeks. First week is always the most important. If needed, I can then adjust or edit anything that is required.


€150 per month. Payment date is set on the day your first phase goes live.

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